The child in us

There’s a child in  each one of us , the one who tells us to forget about the people around us, to jump the stairs, to catch fireflies ,to fly kites, to let the time limits and schedules slide past us while we try to steal a moment of life for us and preserve it in a box to be opened in search of solace.

Let this child take over the adult in you for a moment. Let it show you what you are missing walking around with your heart and eyes closed. It maybe a hug from your sibling,  glow in your mother’s eyes, a pat from your friend, a squeeze of hand , a blessing from elders , a smile from a stranger or love of a stray animal. Don’t let situations and work decide your path . If that has been the case so far , stop. Take a break, look where you have been running to and if that’s not the desired destination find what your heart aches for and make a fresh start.

Take time out for your family and friends, stop living in the virtual world( media sites) , play with your children, bake a cake with your family , visit your grandparents , reunite with old friends or adopt a pup, the choice is yours as is your life. Just let that child out and live life to the fullest for you never know the value of something until its lost and then there’s only regret.

You know it’s never too late to shoot for the stars    short-friendship-poems
Regardless of who you are
So do whatever it takes
‘Cause you can’t rewind a moment in this life
Let nothing stand in your way
Cause the hands of time are never on your side

>If today was your last day , Nickelback


The bliss of solitude

In reply to the daily prompt challenge Salad Days

Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).

The post is an old one but to me it seemed to be an apt response to the challenge.

In my childhood I had read the poem “daffodils” by wordsworth and it amazed me , still does, how the poet captured the moment. I think we can all relate to such moments in our lives, memories which bring smile upon our faces. In fact these are the small things which we most often seem to miss in our daily rush.

Thinking of such moments I see flashes of old memory , a cat in a mustard field, fireflies in a jar , being chased by the guard in mango orchards, building mud houses, bathing in rain , aroma of wet soil and new books,a duckling following its mother,the swings under the mango tree,the sparrows chirping in our courtyard….the list goes on. There are numerous such memories which appear randomly in moments of solitude.

I have these memories because I was brought up differently than my siblings or friends. I grew up in a village and was home schooled for few years. The place where my father was posted as a doctor was a tribal area ,surrounded by hills, it was a serene place untouched by melancholy of urban life. Living there i learned to appreciate nature’s gift to mankind . Our day usually began with a long walk down the village road which led us to a narrow river . I loved the riverside , there i used to sit quietly ,trying to take in all the beauty around me at once ,taking deep breathes inhaling the sweet aroma of wet soil. The beautiful winged insects, the flowers,the sound of rushing water  left a lasting impression on my mind.

My school was no less different, built of mud it had thatched roof and only two classrooms. We had to carry our own sitting mats for there was no such arrangement for the students. In the rainy season the classrooms often got filled with rainwater so all of us used to sit in the courtyard chanting in unison ,the alphabets, at the fearsome sound of teacher’s cane. I still remember how one day i went back home crying for i had lost my mat and at that time it somehow seemed to me to be a treasured possession.

Well I don’t know how others would relate to my experiences. But for me they are unique, treasured memories. I am glad I had them for they taught me to appreciate small things in my life ,to be grateful for the flower that blooms in my garden, to share love and compassion ,to appreciate the beauty all around me. We just need to open our eyes and then even a little red bug in the grass will bring  smile on our faces.

Aspirations and Apprehensions

    Whenever people ask me questions “heyy ! what do you want to do in your life?” ,here at my hometown they expect me to give answers such as an engineer , a lawyer , a doctor and yes i give them the desired reply. But its not an honest one for on the inside i am screaming to get away from these bondages. No i don’t want to become an engineer or anything as such,I just want to play violin , learn how to skate ,fly kites, visit valley of flowers , join a soccer team and to go on a long unplanned journey with just my camera and a backpack. But it doesn’t work like that , one has to earn money and for that one has to work hard ,my family tells me that. Then after a while you realize that in putting everything right and in the rat race of existence, you lost yourself somewhere. You lost all those dreams and aspirations , you get so entangled in this humdrum you just don’t think of it any more or even if they come to you for a moment you reject them as a fool’s errand. You yourselves look upon your hidden aspirations as childish.

On the one hand my family encourages me to achieve these big goals, get a reputed job, do something extraordinary.On the other hand when it comes to safety they ask me to keep my head low and not to retort if someone’s passing snide or cheap comments at me. Its funny that i am asked to dress in a way which doesn’t attract attention. There have been instances which compell me to think that my clothes are never the reason for eve teasing, its in their minds and dressing modestly just creates an impression for them that the girl wont create a scene and will let the matter pass. I dont blame my parents ,it’s not their fault. they are plagued by the fear, what if someone throws acid at her or she doesnt return home after classes. These incidents are swelling up in numbers. These days going out  is not easy but its not impossible .There are good things too in the form of trusted friends , sweet memories and the hope of fulfilling my aspirations .These apprehensions seem too small in comparison then.