The Mountain Man

That’s the name people know Dasrath Manjhi by. The first time I heard about him was when I was a kid. My mother told me about this poor labourer who by the sheer strength of his will and hard work created a passage in mountains on his own. What Manjhi did may seem to be too far-fetching to believe but his actions depict the power of human will and love.

He was resident of Galhour a remote village surrounded by rocky hills in Gaya,Bihar. Residents of this village faced a lot of difficulties due to the hills, while going to nearby places. It so happened that one day manjhi’s wife Falguni fell while climbing the mountains , later she succumbed to her injuries due to lack of timely medical treatment.

Moved by his wife’s death he took upon himself the herculean task of creating a path through the hills so that no one suffers the fate of his wife or the pain of his loss. He began with a hammer ,chisel and nails and it took him 22 years of hard work to finish what he had started back in 1967.People considered him mad but his devotion to his wife kept him going and he carved a 360 ft long 30 ft high and 25 ft wide path which reduced the travelling distance from 55 km to 15 km.

Truly an individual can make a huge difference if driven by strong will power and love.


In reply to Daily Prompt challenge Unsung Heroes

We all have our semi-secret, less-known personal favorites — a great B-side, an early work by an artist that later became famous, an obscure (but delicious) family recipe. Share one of your unsung heroes with us — how did you discover it? Why has it stayed off everyone’s radar?


The minion madness

I don’t know  about others but I  for sure am spellbound by the magic of minions . What’s there not to love….the childlike behaviour, the gibberish and the giggles, the odd innocence ..all of it and many more endearing acts.

For those few who aren’t familiar with minions ,they are henchmen of Gru the criminal mastermind and protagonist of Despicable Me movie.Eric Gullion the art director of the movie is their creator ,they have been voiced by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud . Also minions are the official mascots for Illumination Entertainment . In the new trailer of upcoming movie “Minions” we find that they have existed since the time when  dinosaurs roamed the earth and have been searching for the most despicable master to serve since then. Well ,since I don’t want to spill the beans rest of the story you can find out by looking at the trailer.

It is said they have come from  same strand of mutated DNA. In appearance minions are similar in shape and size i.e. small, yellow  cylindrical in shape having one or two eyes with slight variations in height hair etc to tell them apart. They wear goggles accommodating their eyes , have only three fingers and go by many English names.

Now as for the personality these impulsive ,hard to control ,noisy ,creatures are extremely loyal to their master i.e. Gru . They are almost too willing to help with any evil plans and love trying new things . The idea of a heist or anything as such titillates them.  But , at the same time they are friendly and fun-loving.Don’t let their small size and simple-mindedness fool you for they are also extremely capable of building  weapons , operating computers , even driving .

If we look at why the Minions have become so popular with the audience worldwide ,there are numerous reasons .

First and foremost is their appearance , their behavior which is quite childish , the simple-mindedness makes them more adorable.Unlike others Gru and Minions share a relationship that is much more than a criminal mastermind and his henchmen. Gru knows all of them by name and even accedes most of their requests (including good night kisses :D)

The second is their unique language, the famed gibberish. Though they express themselves more through actions, one can notice few evident English or Spanish words in their jabber.Other languages such as French, Russian , Korean can also be heard in their speech.

In today’s humdrum where we are always dealing with immense workload and multiple deadlines , curbing our desire to have fun and enjoy ourselves ,minions get to play and party almost ever day. They are not bothered about anything, living their lives to the fullest. Thus our sub-conscious mind appeals to it because we too want a life like them devoid of any care and responsibilities.

Their impulsive nature is another reason, they don’t ponder upon the consequences of their actions. They are quite determined ,once they have made their mind about something they just go for it without waiting another second. We on the other hand think twice before acting, even if our heart desires for it.

The above reasons are only a few to mention, each one has their own for their likes or dislikes as I have mine. The first time I saw the Despicable Me movie I fell in love with the minions (sometimes even become one, talking in gibberish, singing the banana potato song…call me crazy :D) and that has compelled me to write this article.

Aspirations and Apprehensions

    Whenever people ask me questions “heyy ! what do you want to do in your life?” ,here at my hometown they expect me to give answers such as an engineer , a lawyer , a doctor and yes i give them the desired reply. But its not an honest one for on the inside i am screaming to get away from these bondages. No i don’t want to become an engineer or anything as such,I just want to play violin , learn how to skate ,fly kites, visit valley of flowers , join a soccer team and to go on a long unplanned journey with just my camera and a backpack. But it doesn’t work like that , one has to earn money and for that one has to work hard ,my family tells me that. Then after a while you realize that in putting everything right and in the rat race of existence, you lost yourself somewhere. You lost all those dreams and aspirations , you get so entangled in this humdrum you just don’t think of it any more or even if they come to you for a moment you reject them as a fool’s errand. You yourselves look upon your hidden aspirations as childish.

On the one hand my family encourages me to achieve these big goals, get a reputed job, do something extraordinary.On the other hand when it comes to safety they ask me to keep my head low and not to retort if someone’s passing snide or cheap comments at me. Its funny that i am asked to dress in a way which doesn’t attract attention. There have been instances which compell me to think that my clothes are never the reason for eve teasing, its in their minds and dressing modestly just creates an impression for them that the girl wont create a scene and will let the matter pass. I dont blame my parents ,it’s not their fault. they are plagued by the fear, what if someone throws acid at her or she doesnt return home after classes. These incidents are swelling up in numbers. These days going out  is not easy but its not impossible .There are good things too in the form of trusted friends , sweet memories and the hope of fulfilling my aspirations .These apprehensions seem too small in comparison then.