A brief intro….

I am basically an ambivert with mood swings and day dreaming habits. I love art , photography and travelling. I have a never ending wishlist which ranges from  playing violin to learning Egyptian hieroglyphs. I did learn Spanish though. Yes , i believe in fairy tales , am a fan of minions and  Disney movies basically fiction stuff (not an escapist though). Also on bad days I seek refuge in nature and I find it very soothing.

Now,what’s the blog about?

Here you will witness the random thoughts and observations of my ever wandering mind. As I see things and observe them closely, my mind races on its own, building interesting connections between my perceptions and experiences. The results are the funny, irrelevant tidbits which I have tried to document in my blog. I would describe it as being more like a journal of my ramblings, joys and discoveries.





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